Decisions, decisions…


16 hours a year

Having made only 16 hours of video I had to give up on my project

As I’m sure many of you who care enough to read this know, I recently announced that I simply do not have the time to complete my “24 hours a year” project.

I am extremely proud of this project, I succeeded to make 16 hours of video! That is an insane amount of video, nothing to shake a stick at (what the hell is up with that phrase?). I have made many videos that I am really proud of this year, and I am glad of that. But I felt like I was behind and that I could not carry on.

However it dawned upon me after making that video that having made 16 hours of video I was 100% on track to make 24 hours of video by the end of 2014. For the first time this year, my goal suddenly seemed within reach, and I didn’t want to give up. I CAN DO THIS! That said, I still don’t have the hour-two hours I need for filming and editing every day. I have just started my last year of school, I need time for homework and I need time for myself. Fuck.

This lead me to another idea I have been toying with for quite some time: a podcast. In fact, the creation of the blog was partially because of my future intent to dip my toes into the pool of podcasting. If I make one video of about 5 minutes a week and also supplement that with a 25 minute livestream (also recorded as a podcast) which takes up considerably less time than making another 5-6 videos, I will be able to make it to 24 hours of content by 2015. I will not have failed. I will have succeeded in my mammoth task, which I want to do still.

I posed the idea of weekly livestreams to a couple of people, including in a video and I received mixed responses. As long as I was happy to do them, and that they didn’t get in the way they were happy for me to do them. However, these concerns were raised:

  1. Would the livestreams be the quality of my recent videos, the ones that I am so proud of?
  2. Would weekly livestreams get a little annoying?
  3. Do you have enough to talk about?

These are all valid points and something I have considered. I am aware that the livestreams, due to their nature won’t look or sound as nice as my recent videos, which would be a little sad, having the last 3 months of my project being in a worse quality. But on the other hand, I intend to record high-quality audio (as much as I can) so the quality won’t be utterly lost and I would in the end get what I want, 24 hours.

I see where you are coming from with weekly livestreams. I imagine that my almost daily videos during this project were pretty annoying, but those were at least split up into short, easily digestible videos. These will be a WEEKLY dump of about half an hour. One suggestion I got was doing a livestream every two weeks, instead of weekly. The livestream would be about 50 minutes long, and not happen too often. I think this could prevent it feeling like it happens too often. However, taking an hour to make a livestream would obviously take up more of my time.

The last question is where I doubt myself the most. Because I am not sure if I do have enough to talk about to fill 25 minutes every week or 50 minutes every two weeks. I didn’t have something to speak about most of the time during my 24hoursayear videos anyway, so why would I now? I would try to tackle this though. I would plan, and write down topics to discuss when they come to me and raise it in the stream. Another option is the inclusion of another person. It is far easier to fill an hour with more than one person speaking, I would have someone to bounce off of and it would be nice to talk about stuff.

So it leaves me thinking: Should I go through with this, or cut my losses and be happy that I made as much as I did?

I would appreciate it so, so much if you would answer my survey below and get in contact with me about this topic, either in the comments, on twitter or by emailing me



Josh x



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