In Loving Memory of the iPod Classic

Lost, but not forgotten. The iPod Classic will be missed.

As I’m sure many of you are aware of, Apple recently announced the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and Apple Watch. However, in all of the excitement it’s possible you missed what I consider the biggest and most important news. Apple has discontinued the iPod Classic.

They still make the iPod Classic?” I hear you ask. Up until this week, yes they did, and its loss is a tragedy. It was a wonderful thing. A 160GB, cigarette box-sized MP3 player of magic. That’s right, MP3 player. It had no gimmicks, no camera, no apps, no fingerprint scanner, or creepy computer voice. It was for your music, your podcasts, audiobooks, and (if you didn’t mind that the screen is the size as a custard-cream) videos. AND I LOVED IT. I loved the click wheel, I loved the faint sound of its spinning hard disk, I loved that I never had to worry about running out of storage space. In fact, I still do, I will hold on to my Classic as long as I possibly can.

This said, I knew that the iPod Classic was part of a dying breed. Soon nobody will know what an iPod is. They’ll just look at the word in old textbooks in the same confused manner as people of the younger generation look at the word “Walkman”.

Single-use products are becoming a thing of the past. Who wants iPod when you can put all your music on your phone, as well as using it to take photos, do complicated maths, edit videos, play BioShock, do your weekly shop, speak face-to-face with someone, send messages, hookup with local hotties in your area, read a book and oh yeah, you can also make phone calls. Fuck, you can’t even buy a fridge that’s not connected to the internet so it can tell the NSA how much chocolate you eat.

I might sound like a child, sentimental beyond my years, but the loss of the iPod Classic is truly the end of an era. Not only the end of bulky MP3s, but the end of buttons, the end of the iconic click wheel, the end the audiophiles favourite iPod. It won’t be long until the touch and nano follow suit, then the iPod will be dead. But not forgotten.


Josh x


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