“Horrorstör” by Grady Hendrix – Book Review

A welcoming and friendly cover with hidden terror.

I’ve always said that IKEA is a “fun day out for all of the family”. The model rooms, the restaurant the robot bum that sits on a chair all day; what is there not to love? But after reading Horrorstör, it has become a thing of terror.

This book follows our main character, Amy, an employee at the all-American, Swedish furniture store, Orsk. An even cheaper version of IKEA, the particular branch in Cuyahoga county, Ohio has a problem: every day when the staff come in in the morning, something has been vandalised, brown stains on unopened sofas, smashed mirrors, general disarray. In an attempt to find out who is to blame for this, the store manager, Basil organises that a few staff members, Amy included do an all-night shift in order to intercept the criminal. What they didn’t expect is the horrors that lie in the darkness of the showroom floor.

The first thing I noticed when I received this book from Quirk Books is its design. To look at Horrorstör, it wouldn’t be hard to mistake it for an actual catalogue, with its big, glossy cover, cheerful, monochrome illustrations and store maps. As you read on, the innocent pictures of sofas and chairs begin to seem much more sinister, and really add to the overall creepy atmosphere of this book.

Creepy as fuck

Hendrix’s writing is very easy-going, this was a dream to read, in fact, I would have read it in one sitting if I wasn’t interrupted half-way through, a quick and creepy read, ideal for the Halloween season. Having not read any horror books before, this was a first for me and I really did enjoy, many of the classic horror movie tropes were present and all accumulated to make a dramatic and dark read about what is one of the most friendly-feeling places you can go. The fact that this book is essentially set in an IKEA added a lot to my reading experience as I knew exactly what the writer meant when describing locations within the store, thus making the book very vivid. If you have ever been to an IKEA store, you will definitely enjoy picturing this book.

Overall, I really enjoyed this read and I give it 5 stars on goodreads, despite the book being a little predictable, I didn’t care because the book is GORGEOUS. I can highly recommend checking this out.

This article is the script for a video review, which you can watch here.


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