24 Hours a Year is finished

In memorium

Last year I began a project that I never expected to complete. I wanted to make 24 hours of YouTube content in the year 2014, last night I achieved that goal.

That might not sound like a lot of content, bigger channels like Roosterteeth or CollegeHumour probably churn out that amount of content in a month, but for me, a student with no time, it’s an awful lot of video. It worked out as around 4 minutes per day, which I tried to achieve, but that didn’t happen.

I would not have been able to reach my goal if I hadn’t began also doing a slew of live-streams and occasional Let’s Plays, some may call this cheating, but some don’t make the rules, I DO.

I will not be doing this again in 2015. I won’t even be making many YouTube videos in 2015, but I will be posting weekly here on my blog. So stay tuned for more writing, and less vlogging.

Josh x

In case you missed it, below you’ll find a playlist of my favourite videos from 2014:


About 24hoursayear

The blog of YouTube nobody, Joshua Gray. Here I will post whatever I like whenever I like. It would be nice if you stuck around, but not mandatory.
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