I’m making a Podcast

The name is a quote from Act 1, Scene 2 of "King Lear" by William Shakespeare.

The name is a quote from Act 1, Scene 2 of “King Lear” by William Shakespeare.

For a very long time now, I have always wanted to make a podcast, and now with my recent purchase of “excellentfoppery.com” (a King Lear quote which almost reduced me to tears) I finally feel like I have an apt title. But here’s the problem: I have no idea what to podcast about. Not. One. Clue.

What I need is a central idea, a format in which to base my podcast:

The fact that the podcast’s title will be “Excellent Foppery”, a quote from Shakespeare, would lead me towards something literary: book based? A book review podcast? That’s original. But who says I couldn’t have elements of that in my videos. I may not be a youtuber anymore, but I am still a reviewer for some publishing houses.

But then, the meaning of the phrase “Excellent foppery” (“great foolishness”) would imply a certain degree of humour, or being a fool. This could be achieved in a book themed podcast (it is done excellently in “The Chapter Titles Were So Good”, an incredible Harry Potter podcast), or would it lend itself to something not even related to books.

Should this podcast be a discussion? A game show? A panel show? A book club? Narrative storytelling? Something completely different? Who knows, that’s why I need your help. I want to make Excellent Foppery into something I can be proud of, something fun to make, and something to get my arse of my chair.

I would like to make 30 minute episodes, either weekly or every other week, though I am unsure as to which yet. In the same vein, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to podcast alone, therefore more people would be needed, but how many? Who knows…?

As a source of inspiration, or if you do not know what a podcast is/aren’t sure if they should get into them, I would highly recommend the podcasts I mention in this video from my 24hoursyear project.

Tell me in the comments below, or over on twitter (@24hoursayear) what you think should be the focus and format of my podcast? How often should I release the episodes? How many people should I have on my podcast?


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The blog of YouTube nobody, Joshua Gray. Here I will post whatever I like whenever I like. It would be nice if you stuck around, but not mandatory.
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1 Response to I’m making a Podcast

  1. Sara Lung says:

    You probably wouldn’t have to make it your entire podcasts, but I think doing dramatic readings of passages from what you’re reading (or what you’re reviewing) would be excellent.

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