All Good Things Must Come to an End


An empty classroom. (Not one of mine… obviously) As the summer approaches, these are becoming more and more common across the world. (at least the Northern Hemisphere) Only this year is the first time that I will not return to school in September to fill that classroom.

I’m eighteen years old and in my second year of sixth form, which means that I and most of my peers will be leaving school in just under two weeks. That’s it! No more school! I am never coming back for classes again! And it’s weird…. not just weird; terrifying. Since the age of three I have been used to going to the same place every week day, seeing the same people, knowing where I should be at all times and just generally having a direction in my life. I had school, which is where I did work and where I had friends. Now it’s going away.

In essence, from now on I’m on my own. Not literally, not yet anyway. It’s still a few months until I start University, but the clock is ticking. In three months I will be travelling to the other side of the country (Britain, not just Wales) to go live with five total strangers that I won’t know until the day I move in. I will be responsible for my own rent, my own food and my own washing.

I know what you’re thinking: wow, spoilt brat doesn’t do anything is now expected to do something, boohoo! But even those who do things at home, which I do, by the way, never have to do it all. I have never shopped for my own food. I have never been into a supermarket on my own, (not for a weekly shop anyway). It’s not long until I will have to buy all my own food and drink, cook it myself, clean up the inevitable mess I make in that effort, look down at the stains I have left of my clothes from messy eating, putting coins in a washing machine and using it to wash my own clothes, then more money in a dryer and jeez I am not ready to adult.Hands up who’s ever bought fabric conditioner for themselves? I thought not.

This might sound pretty whiny, but my safety net of school is gone, and I don’t quite feel ready to walk that tightrope alone yet. But I guess I’ll have to.

Josh x


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