Summer Plans

So school is over. Forever. For me anyway, I have no exams left and now, I don’t have anything “on my plate” until around mid September, which leaves me thinking “what do I want to do this summer?”

Maybe I’ll write on this blog more often? I’ve said that several times, I know, but you might be surprised this time.

Things that are definitely happening

  • The collab channel that I was part of back in 2012/13, the Vlogger Alliance is making a triumphant return to the internet on July 6th! The original members, Elena, Jules, Alexis, Molly and I will be making videos every week and trying to keep the channel going a little better than last time. Molly even made an epic teaser trailer for it, check it out here:

  • I will also be attending a performance of American Idiot making its West End debut this summer. I saw this show when it toured the UK a few years ago, and I can’t wait to see it again, bigger, better and louder than before. If you haven’t seen the show (like my friend Bronwyn, who I’m taking with me) you should so check it out.

Things that I want to do, but might not because I’m a bum

  • ALBUM! This summer I am going to be writing and recording as much music as possible and then hopefully putting them into a full length album or EP under the band name “Overnight Arcade”. I have begun writing, and I hope to take a more serious approach to songwriting and such. I want this album to sound half way between They Might be Giants and Bomb the Music Industry! I also hopefully want to record it with an actual band, with real drums and shit, but if that doesn’t fall through, I am going to drum machine the fuck out of my songs. I have one song demo up right now on soundcloud, you can check it out here!
  • I also plan to completely reboot my book podcast, Excellent Foppery. Instead of a book club format, I want to change it to a more in depth thing, similar to the format of one of my favourite podcasts, The Chapter Titles were so Good. If I get around to it, I will hopefully have regular guests reading one chapter of a book every week and then talking and riffing in general about that one chapter only every week.

So that’s my plans for this summer before I go to Uni in September, though it is important to note that much of this stuff can continue throughout Uni, so just because I don’t do it, doesn’t mean I won’t.

~Josh x


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The blog of YouTube nobody, Joshua Gray. Here I will post whatever I like whenever I like. It would be nice if you stuck around, but not mandatory.
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