Music Update

Today I’ve had a very productive day in that I have written two, yes two new songs today. I’m very proud of myself because I think one of them is one of the best and most honest songs I’ve ever written. You can listen to a demo of it here, on soundcloud.

The problem is this, the other song I’ve written I’m very unsure about. It’s a different kind of song to the other two I’ve written so far, in an attempt to do something a little more punk (yet I’d argue that 4am is the most punk song I have). It resulted in this song about University worries called “Drinking Alone”. Here’s the first demo I made.

The song uses a riff I’ve been throwing around for ages and haven’t found a song for, until now. But the thing is, I don’t know if I like it. I thought maybe that’s because the demo I did was very, very rough. So I tried making a different version, still rough, but a little less chaotic. I came up with this:

And I still have no idea if I like it. I might have a go at making the song acoustic, and if that works I’ll probably keep it, if not it may be the album’s first casualty.

Please feel free to criticise and tell me what you think about the songs, because I really need some help here.


Josh x


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The blog of YouTube nobody, Joshua Gray. Here I will post whatever I like whenever I like. It would be nice if you stuck around, but not mandatory.
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