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The blog of YouTube nobody, Joshua Gray. Here I will post whatever I like whenever I like. It would be nice if you stuck around, but not mandatory.

“We Cool?” Side A | review

Those of you that follow me on social media may have noticed by now that over the past weeks, I have fallen in love with the music, and the ethic toward music of Jeff Rosenstock. I admit, he was a … Continue reading

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Paper Towns Month #1

Originally posted on Excellent Foppery:
[audio In this change of format, Josh and Bronwyn take a look at John Green’s “Paper Towns”, which has a film adaptation soon to come out in cinemas. The opening and closing music is…

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Music Update

Today I’ve had a very productive day in that I have written two, yes two new songs today. I’m very proud of myself because I think one of them is one of the best and most honest songs I’ve ever … Continue reading

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Summer Plans

So school is over. Forever. For me anyway, I have no exams left and now, I don’t have anything “on my plate” until around mid September, which leaves me thinking “what do I want to do this summer?” Maybe I’ll … Continue reading

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All Good Things Must Come to an End

An empty classroom. (Not one of mine… obviously) As the summer approaches, these are becoming more and more common across the world. (at least the Northern Hemisphere) Only this year is the first time that I will not return to … Continue reading

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Josh’s Top Five Albums

The following albums are in no particular order, so yeah…. “The Near Future” by I Fight Dragons A kickstarted album, The Near Future or Project Atma as it was known in pre-production is I Fight Dragons’ second full length album … Continue reading

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Steven Spielberg To Direct Sci-Fi Cult Favorite ‘Ready Player One’; Back At Warner Bros

Originally posted on Deadline:
EXCLUSIVE: Steven Spielberg is set to direct Ready Player One, the highly anticipated project based on the popular sci-fi book by Ernest Cline that takes place in a virtual world. What a coup for Warner Bros,…

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