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Josh’s Top Five Albums

The following albums are in no particular order, so yeah…. “The Near Future” by I Fight Dragons A kickstarted album, The Near Future or Project Atma as it was known in pre-production is I Fight Dragons’ second full length album … Continue reading

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I’m making a Podcast

For a very long time now, I have always wanted to make a podcast, and now with my recent purchase of “” (a King Lear quote which almost reduced me to tears) I finally feel like I have an apt … Continue reading

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Initial Thoughts: “The Caretaker”

I really enjoyed this week’s episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures. Wait, hold on… that was Doctor Who. Don’t take this badly, there is nothing actually wrong with that. I enjoyed SJA when it was on, but it didn’t hold … Continue reading

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“JoCo Live” Album Review

Three days ago, Jonathan Coulton announced that he will be releasing a new “live album with band.” I got very excited, but expected to have to wait a few weeks to get a hold of it. But today, he released … Continue reading

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“Vivian Versus America” by Katie Coyle Review

This book came out on the 4th of September, published by Hot Key Books and is the much anticipated sequel to “Vivian Versus the Apocalypse”, published in 2013. If you haven’t read that book, I highly recommend you do, and … Continue reading

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